Best PayPal Betting Sites

The best betting payment methods. What are the Payment Options and which is best for you? Our selection of the best PayPal betting sites. New Customer Offers, [geot country=”US”]21+[/geot][geot exclude_country=”US”]18+[/geot], T&C’s Apply to each of the offers below, click “Bet Now” for more information.

Best PayPal Sites

Whilst debit and credit cards remain the dominant digital payment tools for many online purchases, PayPal has become a formidable challenger. PayPal saw the writing on the wall with the consumer Web very early on and launched its digital payment service way back in 1998. It truly caught the wave of web-surfing punters like us, and after a canny acquisition by eBay in 2002, PayPal is now one of the most recognised payment brands alongside Visa and Mastercard.

PayPal operates in the mode of an ‘e-wallet’ and requires you to create a personal online account with the service. This is free and easy to do and creates a virtual account that you can fill with funds to spend, or use to receive payments from other people or companies (for example your winnings from that outside bet that Norwich FC are going to win the Champions League in 2019!) Funding a PayPal account is possible in a variety of ways, which also includes popular options such as using a debit / credit card or linking it directly to pull funds from a bank account you hold.

So why use PayPal, particularly if you’re going to fund it from a credit / debit card which you could use directly to manage a player account at your preferred betting site? Well here are three reasons PayPal’s worth thinking about:

First, using PayPal means reducing the number of sites you register your bankcard details with. All our recommended sites offer state-of-the-art security for players’ accounts, but having this additional layer of security using a PayPal account can offer might be attractive to you.

Secondly, and along a similar line of thinking, PayPal can be a very efficient tool if you like to spread your wagering around a number of sites. The reason for this is that if your card details change you only have to update this information with PayPal, rather than faff about with making those changes at all the sports betting sites you’re registered with.

The final advantage of PayPal over credit/ debit cards is to do with withdrawal times for cashable funds from your player account. If quick is what you want, PayPal is instant once your withdrawal request has been verified by the relevant betting site’s compliance team. With credit and debit cards you can expect a delay of a further three to five business days before you get your hands on your money!

Perhaps the only real weakness of PayPal with respect to playing online sports betting sites, is that it is not such a common option as, say, Visa, Mastercard or Skrill. This situation is changing for the better, but it’s also worth noting that PayPal is known for being somewhat choosy about who it will allow to display its brand. If a betting site has won PayPal’s approval it could be argued that it’s another endorsement of that operator’s reputation for secure and fair play.