Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites – DFS Sites

Each daily fantasy sports site we review is located in the USA. Both federal and state laws govern DFS contests ensuring that they are regularly tested for fairness, security and a high level of customer service. State law regarding DFS contests varies by state, and is currently dynamic, with some states expressly regulating DFS contests while others continue to evaluate the legality of DFS contests and potential regulation of the industry. New Customer Offers, 18+, T&C’s Apply to each of the offers below, click “Bet Now” for more information.

Daily Fantasy Sports Sites – DFS Sites

Perhaps one of the biggest deals in online sports betting opportunities for U.S. sports fans has been the phenomenal rise of popularity in Fantasy Sports betting, or more precisely Daily Fantasy Sports sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings. But just what are Fantasy Sports, and where lies the difference that makes betting on them legal in the majority of U.S. states?

Whilst the ‘fantasy’ element of Fantasy Sports suggests a focus on virtual sports rather then real-world events, that’s rarely the case. The core idea is that you, as a player in a fantasy ‘league’, draft a dream team of real-world players in a chosen sport using your skill and judgment of their individual prowess. The performance of those players over a specified time frame, or season then earns points for specific achievements during that period. Accumulate the most points over the season and you can win the ‘league’, or at least rank high enough to share in whatever prize pool is assigned to the tournament you play in.

Originally Fantasy Sports leagues were organized as an informal bit of fun between sports fans and typically followed an entire season or tournament before declaring the final player rankings. But now Daily Fantasy Sports has created an entertaining new realm of online sports betting.

As the title suggests Daily Fantasy Sports compresses the player tournaments down into daily segments (or sometimes a little longer) so you can potentially profit from your team draft within hours of entering into an organized league. Better yet, the broad reach of online Daily Fantasy Sports sites means huge numbers of players can enter a league, and from the small fee each player pays to be in the league that can build huge prize pools. And we are talking prize pools into the millions here, so a top ranking player in a popular league can turn a stake of just a couple of dollars into a seven figure payout in just a few hours!

The other major attraction of online Daily Fantasy Sports betting for U.S. residents is that is is deemed legal in most states. Why? Because following a U.S. Department of Justice and FBI joint investigation into the legality of the business in 2015, the central proposition that it is a game of skill (deriving from the player’s careful judgments to compile their fantasy team) rather than luck was endorsed. Some states still ban DFS betting – notably Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington at the time or writing – but it is still a considerably more legally accessible betting opportunity for U.S. residents than traditional online sportsbooks.