Best Neteller Betting Sites

The best betting payment methods. What are the Payment Options and which is best for you? Our selection of the best Neteller betting sites. New Customer Offers, [geot country=”US”]21+[/geot][geot exclude_country=”US”]18+[/geot], T&C’s Apply to each of the offers below, click “Bet Now” for more information.

Best Neteller Betting Sites

For any punter that’s explored the big-name brands in the online sports betting universe already, the name NETeller should almost certainly ring a bell. Alongside Visa and Mastercard, NETeller’s logo is very often to be found at the foot of a site’s homepage, endorsing that this is a very popular payment option with players and operators alike.

Like its rival PayPal, NETeller began its life as a digital payment service at the end of the last century, catching the wave (or more aptly, tidal wave) or consumers flocking onto the Internet and looking for safe and convenient ways to pay for stuff they fancied. NETeller’s e-wallet service quickly proved it had the ‘right stuff’, becoming a trusted tool with digital citizens on the Web and a big player in the business world after it was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2004.

NETeller’s primary service operates as an e-wallet account that can be used to make both payments online and receive funds from sources too. The service is popular with many online betting sites, and it offers an exceptionally convenient way to manage a player account if you’d prefer not to register your banking details and / or a traditional bankcard with an online sports betting site you use. It also comes with the advantage of very rapid withdrawals of cashable funds that significantly improve on the usual delay of three to five business days imposed by debit and credit card transactions.

Other advantages to note for NETeller are that it offers lots of flexibility in how you get funds into your e-wallet (sixty-four options at the time or writing) and the option to take advantage of its Prepaid Net+ Mastercard to access your NETeller funds in a more conventional way. This latter point is especially worth investigating if you opt for using NETeller as your payment option, since it’s the most cost effective way to spend winnings you cashout into a NETeller account. Moving those winnings out of a NETeller account into a traditional bank account incurs a transaction fee of (currently) five pounds per transfer and takes three to five working days to process; clearly using the Net+ card option saves you time and money!

One final note to be aware of with NETeller is that some betting sites may explicitly exclude deposits made with the service from match bonus promotions they offer. This will be stated in a site’s bonus terms and conditions so take care to read those. That said, this shouldn’t discourage you from choosing NETeller as a payment option at these sites altogether. Just be sure to use another payment service on deposits that can attract bonus money, and use NETeller at other times (or just for withdrawals) to enjoy the convenience it can offer.