Best Mobile Horse Racing Betting Sites USA

The best mobile betting sites for your Smartphone and Tablet. It is legal for the majority of U.S. residents to bet on horse racing online; there are a few states however where it is not allowed. Mobile Horse Racing Betting USA.New Customer Offers, [geot country=”US”]21+[/geot][geot exclude_country=”US”]18+[/geot], T&C’s Apply to each of the offers below, click “Bet Now” for more information.

Mobile Horse Racing Betting USA

All mobile horse race betting sites use the same account for all devices, PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. This single account means whatever device you use to deposit the money will be available to use on any device.

The key to a mobile betting site is whether you want to use the betting sites app or bet using your preferred browser. Either option provides full access to the betting sites features but using the betting sites app provides mobile specific content and promotions.

Mobile horse race betting apps do provide a richer interactive experience with increased security with the mobile devices existing systems.

Why Bet On Your Mobile

Mobile is the future of betting and here’s why: According to the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2017 Smartphone adoption among adults rose to 85 % as of mid-2017. Five years ago, adoption was at 52 %.

Deloitte predict smartphone adoption will rise by between 1-3 % over the coming year which would mean up to 88 % of adults would have one by mid-2018. Among younger age groups (18-45 year olds) smartphone adoption has been over 90 % for several years.

The smartphone has now established a clear lead as the most popular consumer electronics device, with a 7 % lead over the laptop, and 17 % over the tablet.

Among adults, the smartphone is, by a fair distance, the most intensively used device. Just over 77 % of all adults aged 18-75 now use a smartphone daily. In second place is the laptop, used by just over half of adults daily.

Betting sites realise that most adults have a mobile and have set up their sites so you can use them with ease on any device.

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